Effortlessly Navigate Every Guest's Journey: Your Trusted Location Manager in Hotel Software Solutions!

FinsinHotel offers a dedicated suite of Location Manager Modules designed to streamline the management of hotel properties across various locations!


Location Management

The Location Management module serves as the central hub for managing hotel properties across different locations. Hotel managers can access comprehensive information about each location, including address, contact details, amenities, and operational status.

Address Standardization and Validation

Geo-Fencing and Proximity Alerts

Integration with Mapping Services

Reporting and Analytics

Location-Based Marketing Campaigns

Geographic Information System (GIS) Integration

Location Attribute

Customize and define specific attributes for each hotel location with the Location Attribute module. Hotel managers can specify unique features, facilities, and services offered at each property, tailoring the guest experience to meet the distinct preferences and requirements of different locations.

Geographical Positioning

The software allows hotels to input precise geographic coordinates, enabling accurate mapping and navigation for guests and staff.

Nearby Attractions

Hotels can list nearby attractions such as landmarks, restaurants, and entertainment venues, enhancing guest experience by providing convenient information.

Distance Calculations

The system computes distances from the hotel to various points of interest, aiding guests in planning activities and transportation arrangements.

Localization Settings

Hotels can customize location attributes based on regional preferences, such as language, currency, and measurement units, to cater to diverse guest needs.

Transportation Options

The system offers details on transportation options available near the hotel, including public transit, taxi services, and rental car agencies, facilitating guest mobility.

Geo-fencing Capabilities

Hotels can set up geo-fences to trigger location-based notifications or promotions for guests within specific geographic areas, enhancing engagement and marketing efforts.

Location Grid

Visualize the geographic distribution of hotel properties with the Location Grid feature. This interactive grid view provides a clear overview of the spatial arrangement of properties, allowing hotel managers to identify geographical patterns, analyze market coverage, and strategically plan expansion efforts.

Directions and Navigation

Mobile Compatibility

Reporting and Analytics

Geographical Mapping

Nearby Points of Interest

Security and Compliance

Location Settings

Fine-tune the settings and configurations for each hotel location with the Location Settings module. Hotel managers can customize preferences, permissions, and operational parameters to align with the specific needs and requirements of each property.

Geographical Coordinates Management

Hotel software backend control manages geographical coordinates, enabling accurate location tracking and mapping of the hotel property.

Address Configuration

Backend control features allow for the configuration of the hotel's address, ensuring consistency across all communication channels and facilitating accurate navigation for guests.

Nearby Attractions Integration

Hotel software integrates with nearby attractions databases, providing backend control over displaying nearby points of interest on hotel websites or mobile apps to enhance guest experience and attract bookings.

Location-Based Services

Backend control functionalities enable the implementation of location-based services, such as personalized recommendations or targeted promotions based on guests' proximity to specific attractions or amenities.

Localization Settings

Hotel software facilitates backend control over localization settings, allowing for the adaptation of content and services based on the hotel's geographical location and target market preferences.

Map Integration

Backend control features include integration with mapping services, enabling the display of interactive maps on hotel websites or mobile apps to help guests navigate to the property and nearby attractions.