Elevate Your Hotel's Efficiency with Seamless Flight Management!

FinsinHotel offers a comprehensive suite of Flight Manager Modules designed to streamline flight bookings and management processes within the hotel booking and management software!


Flight Management

The Flight Management module provides a centralized platform for efficiently managing all aspects of flight bookings. From searching for available flights to booking tickets and managing reservations, this module ensures a seamless experience for both customers and travel agents.

Flight Schedule Integration

Hotel software backend control integrates with flight schedule databases, enabling automatic updates of arrival and departure times, facilitating seamless coordination of guest arrivals and departures.

Flight Delay Monitoring

Backend control functionalities include monitoring flight delays in real-time, allowing hotels to adjust staffing levels, room preparations, and transportation services accordingly to minimize guest inconvenience.

Integration with Travel Agencies

Hotel software integrates with travel agencies' systems, allowing backend control over booking details, flight information, and guest preferences, ensuring smooth coordination of travel arrangements.

Reporting and Analytics

Hotel software provides backend control over reporting and analytics tools that track flight-related metrics such as guest arrivals, transportation usage, and revenue generated from airport services, supporting data-driven decision-making and optimization.

Airline Management

With the Airline Management module, airlines can oversee and optimize their flight operations within FinsinHotel. This module allows airlines to manage flight schedules, seat availability, and pricing strategies to maximize revenue and efficiency.

Passenger Manifest Management

Backend control features include managing passenger manifests, enabling hotels to track guest arrivals and departures, anticipate occupancy levels, and tailor services to accommodate flight schedules.

Airport Shuttle Coordination

Hotel software facilitates backend control over coordinating airport shuttle services, including scheduling pickups and drop-offs based on flight arrivals and departures, ensuring seamless transportation for guests.

Guest Flight Information Capture

Backend control functionalities enable capturing guest flight information during reservation or check-in processes, facilitating personalized services and anticipating guest needs based on travel itineraries.

Integration with Travel Agencies

Hotel software integrates with travel agency systems, allowing backend control over booking details, flight information, and guest preferences, ensuring smooth coordination of travel arrangements and seamless guest experiences.

Loyalty Program Integration

Backend control features facilitate integration with airline loyalty programs, enabling hotels to offer special incentives or perks to guests based on their frequent flyer status, enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Communication with Guests

Backend control functionalities enable hotels to communicate with guests regarding airline-related information, such as flight delays, transportation arrangements, or special requests, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Airport Management

The Airport Management module enables users to define and categorize different types of flights within FinsinHotel. Whether it's commercial flights, charter flights, or private jets, this module allows for easy organization and management based on specific flight characteristics.

Integration with Airline APIs

Hotel software backend control integrates with airline APIs to retrieve real-time flight information, enabling efficient management of guest arrivals, departures, and associated services.

Automated Flight Updates

Backend control features automate the process of updating flight statuses, enabling hotels to stay informed about delays, cancellations, and schedule changes, ensuring timely guest assistance and service adjustments.

Airtype Reservation Handling

Hotel software facilitates backend control over handling Airtype reservations, including booking confirmations, modifications, and cancellations, streamlining the reservation process and optimizing room allocation.

Airport Transportation Coordination

Backend control functionalities allow hotels to efficiently coordinate airport transportation services, including scheduling shuttles, arranging private transfers, and managing pick-up and drop-off logistics based on Airtype arrivals and departures.

Seat Type Management

Ensure efficient seat allocation and utilization with the Seat Management module. This module enables airlines and travel agents to assign seats, manage seat availability, and accommodate passenger preferences, enhancing the overall booking experience for travelers.

Seat Type Customization

Hotel software backend control allows for the customization of seat types, including options such as economy, premium economy, business class, and first class, enabling hotels to offer tailored accommodations to meet guest preferences and budgets.

Inventory Management

Backend control features facilitate the management of seat inventories, allowing hotels to track availability, occupancy levels, and pricing for each seat type, optimizing revenue potential and ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

Seat Allocation Algorithms

Backend control functionalities include seat allocation algorithms that automatically assign seats to guests during the booking process, considering factors such as preferences, group size, and accessibility requirements, ensuring optimal seating arrangements and guest satisfaction.

Seat Preference Capture

Hotel software facilitates backend control over capturing guest seat preferences, such as window seat, aisle seat, or specific seat numbers, allowing hotels to accommodate guest preferences and enhance the booking experience.

Integration with Booking Channels

Hotel software seamlessly integrates with booking channels, ensuring that seat availability and pricing are accurately synced across all distribution channels, providing consistent information to guests and facilitating bookings.

Guest Communication and Engagement

Backend control functionalities enable hotels to communicate with guests regarding seat-related information, such as availability, upgrades, or special requests, enhancing guest engagement and satisfaction throughout their stay.

Flight Attribute

Define and manage unique attributes associated with flights using the Flight Attribute module. Whether it's specifying in-flight services, aircraft type, or special accommodations, this module allows users to customize flight offerings to meet the diverse needs of passengers.

Customized Flight Attributes

Hotel software backend control allows for the customization of flight attributes such as airline, flight number, departure/arrival times, and aircraft type, ensuring accurate representation and management of flight information.

Dynamic Flight Status Updates

Backend control features enable real-time updates of flight statuses, including departure delays, gate changes, and arrival times, facilitating proactive guest communication and service adjustments.

Flight Route Mapping

Hotel software facilitates backend control over mapping flight routes, providing visual representations of flight paths, destinations, and connections, aiding in guest itinerary planning and transportation coordination.

Airline Partnership Integration

Hotel software facilitates backend control over integrating with airline partnerships, allowing hotels to offer exclusive benefits, discounts, or loyalty rewards to guests flying with partner airlines, enhancing guest loyalty and retention.

Flight Settings

Customize FinsinHotel's flight management functionalities to align with specific requirements using the Flight Settings module. This module provides flexibility in configuring preferences, permissions, and other parameters to optimize the software for efficient flight management workflows.

Flight Schedule Management

Hotel software backend control enables the management of flight schedules, including arrivals, departures, and flight durations, ensuring accurate coordination of guest arrivals and departures with hotel operations.

Airport Transfer Coordination

Backend control features allow for seamless coordination of airport transfers, including scheduling shuttle services, arranging private transportation, and managing pick-up/drop-off logistics based on flight timings.

Flight Notification System

Hotel software facilitates backend control over a flight notification system, sending automated updates to guests regarding flight statuses, delays, gate changes, and transportation arrangements, enhancing guest communication and satisfaction.

Airline Integration

Backend control functionalities integrate with airline systems to access real-time flight information, enabling hotels to retrieve flight details, verify bookings, and update guest itineraries accurately.

Flight Preferences Management

Hotel software enables backend control over managing guest flight preferences, including seat selections, meal choices, and special requests, ensuring personalized service delivery and guest satisfaction.

Integration with Booking Channels

Hotel software seamlessly integrates with booking channels to sync flight details and availability, providing consistent information to guests across all channels and facilitating efficient booking processes.