Unlock Seamless Collaboration: FinsinHotel - Where Guests and Vendors Connect for Unforgettable Experiences!

The Users and Vendors feature in FinsinHotel empowers hotels to manage both internal staff members and external suppliers seamlessly. It facilitates the customization of user roles and permissions, ensuring secure access to the platform!


Users Manager

The Users Manager module in FinsinHotel software is tailored to efficiently handle guest interactions and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience for both guests and hotel staff.

User Role

User Role allows administrators to assign specific roles to different users within the system, defining their access levels and permissions. This ensures that each staff member has the appropriate level of access to perform their duties effectively while maintaining security and privacy standards.

User Listing

User Listing provides administrators with an overview of all registered users within the FinsinHotel system. This feature allows staff to easily search, filter, and manage user accounts, facilitating efficient communication and personalized service delivery.

User Subscribe

User Subscribe enables guests to subscribe to newsletters, promotional offers, and loyalty programs directly through the FinsinHotel platform. This feature enhances guest engagement and allows hotels to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and personalized incentives to subscribed users.

User Verify

User Verify ensures that users undergo a verification process to confirm their identity and eligibility for accessing certain features or services within the FinsinHotel platform. This feature enhances security measures and ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information or perform specific actions, safeguarding data integrity and user privacy.

Vendor Manager

The Vendor Manager module in FinsinHotel software streamlines the management of external vendors and suppliers involved in hotel operations.

Vendor Create

Vendor Create simplifies the process of adding new suppliers and service providers to the FinsinHotel ecosystem. Administrators can input vendor details, including contact information, services offered, and contractual agreements, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration with external partners.

Vendor Payout

Vendor Payout facilitates the efficient processing of payments to vendors for services rendered. This feature automates payment calculations, generates invoices, and tracks payment status, ensuring timely and accurate disbursement of funds to vendors while maintaining financial transparency and compliance.

Vendor Settings

Effortlessly configure vendor settings to tailor your platform to specific vendor requirements. Manage access controls, payment methods, and communication preferences to ensure smooth collaboration. With customizable features, optimize vendor interactions and streamline procurement processes efficiently.