Effortlessly Drive Efficiency: Your Premier Car Management Solution for Hotel Backends!

FinsinHotel introduces a suite of Car Management Modules tailored to facilitate the efficient management of car rental services within hotel booking and management software. These modules empower hotel managers to seamlessly coordinate car rentals for guests, ensuring convenience and satisfaction throughout their stay!


Car Management

The Car Management module serves as the centralized platform for overseeing all aspects of car rental services within the hotel. Hotel managers can efficiently manage the fleet of rental cars, track availability, and handle reservations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for guests seeking transportation solutions.

Vehicle Inventory Management

Reservation and Scheduling

Automated Maintenance Alerts

Fuel Management

Driver Assignments and Tracking

Guest Communication and Assistance

Car Attribute

Customize and define specific attributes for each car with the Car Attribute module. Hotel managers can specify details such as car model, seating capacity, features, and rental rates. This customization capability allows for tailored car rental offerings that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of guests, enhancing their overall experience.

Customized Car Attributes

Hotel software backend control allows customization of car attributes such as make, model, year, seating capacity, and features, ensuring accurate representation and management of available vehicles.

Inventory Management

Backend control features facilitate the management of car inventories, including tracking availability, mileage, maintenance history, and pricing for each vehicle, optimizing utilization and revenue potential.

Reservation Handling

Backend control functionalities include managing car reservations, including booking confirmations, modifications, and cancellations, streamlining the reservation process and ensuring efficient allocation of vehicles.

Maintenance Scheduling

Hotel software facilitates backend control over scheduling car maintenance tasks, including routine inspections, repairs, and cleaning schedules, ensuring vehicles are well-maintained and safe for guest use.

Car Settings

Fine-tune the settings and configurations for car management with the Car Settings module. Hotel managers can customize preferences, permissions, and operational parameters to align with the specific needs and requirements of car rental services. This customization capability ensures that FinsinHotel adapts seamlessly to the unique characteristics and workflows of car management within the hotel.

Maintenance Schedule Tracking

Driver Allocation and Management

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Reporting and Analytics

Guest Vehicle Preferences

Rental Pricing Configuration